3 Key Digital Marketing Channels Every Influencer Needs to Scale Beyond Organic Social

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For growing influencers, the seas are often dark and stormy with changing algorithms and unpredictable cultural trends. With limited resources and fierce competition, it can be challenging to stay the course. How can you build and maintain a loyal audience through these ever-changing tides? It all comes down to developing scalable marketing strategies outside of social media.

Here are three key digital marketing channels that will keep your influencer ship upright:

Build an “Owned” Community

As an influencer, you’re at the mercy of the social platforms on which you’re active. Simply put, you don’t own your account or your followers. As we have seen [link to reference], your following can change in a matter of seconds due to one algorithm change. To protect yourself from potential disaster, you need to be able to reach your community in a way you control completely.

Create a website for your personal brand that allows you to create and share valuable content. Build a list of interested email subscribers. These “owned” channels allow you to communicate with your audience in a way that isn’t subject to someone else’s algorithms. And, in case of emergency (like the recent Facebook and Instagram outage), you’ll always be able to reach your people.

Scale with Quality SEO Content

You can’t rely on social media as the only way for people to find you. Better known as search engine optimization (SEO), creating quality content geared toward ranking highly for relevant keywords is a low-cost, high-return method to increase organic reach.

Just think how much additional exposure you’d earn if your blog posts showed up at or near the top of search results related to your area of expertise! By creating content that addresses these keyword opportunities, you’ll vastly expand your exposure beyond hashtags and discover pages.

Launch Paid Advertising

There comes a time in every content creator’s life when it’s time to put some money behind growing your audience. Once you’re truly ready to take your personal brand to the next level, digital advertising allows you to dramatically increase your awareness.

Social media ads offer you the ability to target users on a granular level, meaning you can send your message to exactly the type of user you’re looking for. While it may seem as simple as creating an engaging post, a successful ad strategy requires more than just eye-catching imagery and a great caption. You’ll need to carefully test ad variants to optimize your strategy and put enough money behind your campaigns to generate actionable data insights.

All In All

Influencers will either need to learn or outsource these digital marketing strategies in order to stay relevant in an overly saturated competitive landscape. They may seem daunting, but they are crucial to scaling your brand beyond social media.

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