Meet Flocke hq

The day is finally here! We are excited to introduce FLOCKE hq, a digital marketing consultancy dedicated to helping influencers create a digital empire through branding and marketing strategy.

FLOCKE hq specializes in assisting the growth of influencers utilizing the marketing strategies of web design, branding, email, social, and content strategy. You can see more about our services here!

So many influencers don’t have time to truly understand all the back end, data-driven strategy that goes into running a successful digital business, which means they struggle to grow and make money off their hard work.

FLOCKE hq (a partner of Hawke Media) went from dream to reality when we realized influencers have just as much potential to grow as the businesses they promote…that’s if they use the proper marketing tools.

That’s where we step in. With our digital marketing backgrounds and influencer experience, we want to help alleviate the pain that comes with marketing and allow you to do more of what you love, creating content.

A little about us, the FLOCKE hq team:

Rachel Broas


Rachel Broas, founder of Flocke hq, is a digital marketing expert specializing in design, marketing, press, and social strategy. She partners with popular brands including The Giving Keys, Lively, Koral, and Milani Cosmetics to support growth via brand-authentic content.

Rachel’s passion and expertise within the influencer space stems from operating Rachellaurenlucy.com, her personal brand. In this capacity, she partners with brands such as Pantene, Free People, Roxy, and North Face to inspire her following with fashion, travel and lifestyle content.

Tyler Grove


With a Masters Degree in Business and Media, Tyler Grove, co-founder of Flocke hq, has worked for some of the industry’s top brands, handling influencer marketing for Red Bull, The Ryan Sheckler Foundation, Lorna Jane, Coola Suncare, SiO Beauty, and n:Philanthropy.

Tyler has also built her own brand We Traveled Where, that started as a personal blog and has now grown into an international resource for travel, a podcast, and YouTube channel.

Want to know more about us? Head to our about page.

We want you to be part of our community even if marketing isn’t in your budget right now. Join our FLOCKE hq Facebook community to take part in conversations/network with other influencers!

We are so excited to finally let you in on this crazy journey. Let’s build brands and let your growth soar!

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